A religious vocation:  Is it for me?
If you are looking at this site, you may be feeling called to follow the Lord more closely.  You may never desire to give your life more deeply to the Lord.  You may be feeling a nudge in your heart to give all you can to the Lord.  The following questions may help you in your discernment:
1.  Do you have a heartfelt desire to give more of yourself in service of God and neighbor?
2. Is your relationship with God prompting you to want more out of life?  Do you find yourself asking is this all there is?
3.  Do you wonder what your family and friends would think if you told them you wanted to be a sister?
4.  Are you spending time searching the internet for religious communities, hoping no one will find out?
5.  Do you feel more alive when you are praying and serving others?
6.  Do you want to live in community with women who share your desire to love and serve God?